Kennel Design by David Key

Kennel Design by David Key


We know where the BEST and LUXURY boarding kennels and dog hotels are...

...because we design & advise people on starting, building & improving rescue and boarding kennels worldwide every day.

It's why this isn't just a directory of addresses and numbers!

Our expert knowledge and animal welfare background enables us to know exactly what questions to ask kennels to assess their quality standards.

We also publish & author the 'bibles' on kennel and cattery design. Because we design kennels & help build them correctly, we know up to 3 years in advance of a fabulous new kennels opening as we guide people from thinking about it, right through to opening or relaunching.


Who is this site for?

To help caring dog owners and high standard kennels find each other.

The typical standard of kennels is pretty low.

I expect you've visited a few yourself and been horrified.

But there ARE wonderfully caring kennels who want to create a lovely place for dogs to stay... and it is these people I want to introduce you to.

Every day I talk to people going to great lengths and expense to build or upgrade their kennels - researching the best designs and discovering how to make kennels a more fun, quiet and stressless place for dogs to be.

Caring, quality kennels do exist and they are the ones that truly deserve your custom.


Help us stop kennels keeping dogs in
BAD conditions...

Dreadful boarding kennels won't stop
until customers stop giving them business.

Great kennels are PROUD of their facilities
and will want to show them off.

Dreadful ones hide as much as possible & may not even let you to see the kennels.

Don't use dreadful, stressful, old and rundown kennels
if you do, you are the only thing keeping these businesses going with such low standards. You can't rely on the fact that they are licensed - SO MANY dreadful kennels are still licensed by the local authority.

Don't go for the cheapest or nearest kennels
The reason they are so cheap? - low staffing, very young and inexperienced staff, no heating (or it's not turned on), bad ventilation or very draughty, low grade food, unhygienic and unmaintained facilities and so on.

Look for big, clear PHOTOS
Have you searched for kennels and wondered why it's so rare to find any with lots of photos? or any closeups? distant, hazy, tiny images (or even any photos at all)?

Dreadful, old kennels would have to be 'barking' to show you their photos on a website - either on their own or ours. They usually won't be attracted here, where we focus on quality & caring boarding kennels.

Most important... ALWAYS visit kennels before booking
Don't send someone else because you can't bear to go - choose from good kennels in the first place. Make the effort and visit the ones you shortlist - don't put yourself in the position of leaving your dog somewhere you hate and ruining your holiday and possibly your dog's wellbeing.


Help us encourage GOOD & EXCELLENT boarding kennels

Sign up & tell us what you're looking for in kennels, and we'll help you find the best one for YOUR dog - and help the owners of the future cater for your needs by providing them with statistics on the type of facilities and services dog owners really want.

Sign up for your FREE Dog Owners account now
to help us shape the kennels of the future.

On this website I will help you by:

  • showing you the better kennels
  • give you advice on what to look for
  • help you search for the ones who can provide the best care for your dog (whether young or old, diabetic or with other health problems or specific needs).

And finally...

A really big thank you for taking the time to search for a better standard of kennels for your dog. I'd much rather get you on the right track now - and help your dog avoid depression, stress and illness (and a vet's bill or worse) - and instead bond with their carers and have fun playing and staying in calm, relaxed style. You'll be so happy you did!

Enjoy the search! Start a clever search now...

Kay Key

P.S: If you'd like to learn more about my and David Key's  animal welfare background, our work helping improve kennel and cattery standards (boarding, rescue, working dogs, police etc) visit: