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Ashford, Kent TN25 5HE

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Welcome to Wyncot Luxury Kennels & Cattery
Hastingleigh, Ashford, Kent TN25 5HE

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About Us

Boarding Kennels Location

Wyncot kennels and cattery is a long established boarding facility with a five star rating from Ashford brough council and an excellent local reputation. A family run business, situated in rural Kent backing onto the Wye Downs with panoramic views leading to the Channel. A modern built kennels and cattery catering for all aspects of animal care ageing from puppy/kittens to the more mature in years.

We are pleased to announce for 2011 a brand new 22 Luxury kennel facility our kennels range in size for individual dogs to family of dogs up to 4.  Our luxury kennels have 50% more space than our standard kennel and are have been designed in our indoor facility to allow us to control the temperature so weather its warm outside we have cooling fans that change the entire buildings  air in 15 minutes or cold in the winter the under floor heating keeps your little-ones toasty warm our modern design allows for maximum space and a stress free environment.



Opening Hours & Visiting

Boarding Kennels Building

Opening Hours

08.30 - 11.30am and 14.00 - 17.00

We are open 7 days a week,

closed Bank Holidays and selective dates.

Staff & Knowledge

We have 4 full-time staff working in our kennels.

Our staff ratio is:      1 Staff : 12 Kennels

Boarding Kennels Staff/Owners

Wyncot Luxury Kennels & Cattery Boarding Kennels in Kent

About our staff, knowledge and experience:

All staff have many years experence in working in a busy boarding facility.

Education varies from college to degree level education, kennel staff have a combination of NVQ's in various levels in animal care and kennel managment.

The Manager has 15 years experience in working in a kennel environment and has a degree in zoology, a foundation in animal care and national certificate in animal care.

That combination with a passion for animal welfare and a real love for our job.

Our Kennels

We have 47 Kennels with Attached runs: Covered runs:

They were built in 2011 and are licensed for anything up to 50 dogs (maximum).

Less than 20 kennels per building
We're proudto say we have a maximum of 20 kennels in any one building
(The ideal is a maximum of 20 kennels in a building, as the less dogs, the calmer & quieter it is)

Less than 20 kennels per building
We're proud to say we have a maximum of 10 kennels in any section of any building.
(The ideal is a maximum of 10 kennels per section)

Boarding Kennels Sleep Accommodation

Boarding Kennels Exercise Run

About our Kennels

Luxury Kennel

Our latest addition the Luxury Kennel was opened in December 2010 and provides spacious, airy accommodation with the benefit of temperature controlled under floor heating throughout.  Temperature probes embedded in the floor beneath the kennel units enable local control of the temperature in specific kennels, so whether the guest is young, active and less likely to feel the cold  or more mature in years and requires an additional level of warmth it is simply a matter of the touch of a button to provide the temperature the guest prefers.

Using our experience of being pet owners over the years, when it came to designing a new kennel unit from scratch we made space a key design requirement. All the kennel units are as a minimum double kennels, whether occupied by a single guest or two.  We also made family accommodation a priority and built family units some of which are more than capable of housing four to six of the largest of breeds together with ease.  So whatever your needs and requirements, be your pets puppies, young and highly active, or in their golden years and like a little peace and quiet we are able to offer unmatched facilities and service.

Standard Kennel

The Standard Kennel building was completed in the mid 1990’s and is constructed of brick and block with cavity walls and double glazing under a tiled roof (just like a modern house) to provide the quality of care every dog should be offered as a minimum.  Centrally heated the unit provides excellent value, with good accommodation in a safe hygienic environment with direct views of and access to the exercise fields and the opportunity is there for those who like to see other dogs running but direct contact is prevented by the boundary fence.

All guests, standard or luxury are provided a dog bed and clean washed bedding (unless provided by the owner) to ensure the guest is comfortable and has a enjoyable and relaxed stay.  Should the weather turn inclement and the guest gets wet (or soiled) when exercising, bedding is changed for clean dry materials and the guest towelled-off.

Dog Exercise & Play:

Dogs get out of their Kennels for exercise:

About dog exercise with our Boarding Kennels:

Exercise & Play in Boarding Kennels

All our dog receive individual exercise in one of a our three exercise areas ranging in size from two to five acres, all with six foot fences.

The amount of exercise is dependent of your dogs needs. We suit that on a individual basis to each dog and to what level they require and the length of stay while with us.

All our dogs are exercised off the lead unless asked otherwise by the owner.

Our dogs are never mixed with other boarders but have the chance to interact if they wish with other dogs through the secure fence.

We exercise our dogs at least twice a day come rain, wind or shine 365 days a year.

Extra Walks & One on One Time

Dogs boarded with us receive as a minimum twice daily exercise and play time in our fenced paddocks as standard.  We are pleased to offer a service for additional exercise, i.e. extra walks or one on one time.  You can choose to do a one-off slot, or multiple extra slots as you require.

Slot 1  20 minutes  £3.95 
Slot 2  40 minutes  £6.45 
Slot 3 five 20 minutes; £17.00 Slot 4 five 40 minutes; £27.00

Dog Walks/Exercise/Playtime with Staff:

Dogs exercised by staff:

40 minutes of walks/exercise with staff provided daily

About dog walks/playtime with staff

Dog Walks at the Boarding Kennels

Each individual dog or familys of dogs have additional interaction with the staff in the exercise paddocks twice a day.

We provide various size balls, footballs and tuggies you are also welcome to bring in any balls etc from home for your dog to play with in and out of the kennel.

Dog Care

Welfare & Settling In

Comfort items from home allowed:

DAP Therapy used: DAP Therapy (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) used in Kennels

Our policy on comfort items:

Dog Welfare in Boarding Kennels

We strongly belive that you should bring in items weather it be your dogs bed or just a T-shirt, towel or sheet these home items help your dog to feel more at home with us.

We also welcome your dogs toys and please feel welcome to bring in any chews or treats.


Will you feed the same diet as at home:

Comfort items We're proud to say we DO offer to feed your dog the same diet as at home.
We understand how important it is to help your dog settle in quickly and easily without any digestive problems that would be caused with a change of diet.


Will you feed special/prescription diets:

Will feed natural/organic diets:

Caring for Dogs

Care of Easy-going & Steady Dogs

All dogs are welcome at Wyncot kennels, we are happy to discuss care options.

We do recommened that view our kennels so we can get a clear picture of your dog and you can discuss any enquires with us.

We all are happy to help with any problems large or small.

Care of Active Dogs

Active dogs are welcome at Wyncot kennels, we endeavour to meet you and your dogs needs while your dog stays with us.

Please feel free to pay us a visit and we are more than happy for you to view the kennels and chat to the staff.

Care of Daycare/creche Dogs

Wyncot kennels provides a daycare facility, please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Dogs with Special Needs

Separate, quiet section available:

About our care of special needs dogs:

Dog Welfare in Boarding Kennels

We are more than happy to take dogs with medication. We do not take dogs that are dependent on insulin injections.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your dogs individual needs.

Age considerations:


Senior Dogs

Elderly Dogs

We care for dogs with:

Allergies/ Allergenic

  Digestive Problems

Arthritis/ Arthritic



  Heart Disease

Convulsions/ Seizures/ Epilepsy

  Kidney Disease


  Nervous/ Sensitive/ Separation anxiety


  Skin Problems



As all cat owners know, cats are discerning and shrewd customers who think only the best will do (and rightly so, we think), so when considering the layout for the cattery the customer view point was paramount. Cats like to look and watch, from the security of the perfect perch, which offers comfort with shelter, all our cat units look out over the front garden of the house which attracts the wildlife the Kent countryside has in abundance. Wyncot has a long boundary fence with the Wye National Nature Reserve and woodlands which attracts a diverse and extensive concentration of birds and animals both day and night.  As owners of a little piece of wonderful countryside we take a keen interest in attracting all forms of wildlife into the garden and surrounding fields and woodland.  To this end we expend time and money in bird and small animal feedstuffs so that our feline guests can appreciate the visual montage that plays across the garden every day of the week, summer and winter.

Laundry Services

As we provide clean washed bedding for our canine and feline guests we have invested in industrial washing machines and dryers; Our industrial washer and dryers can accommodate large loads of 10kg and are available for customer laundry items at very reasonable prices. If you don’t fancy using your household machine to wash your pet bedding or have items that you would equally not like to put through your machine we can wash them for you.

Average soiled load washed & dried 

Small load £4.00     Large load £7.00


Heavy soiled load washed & dried

Small Load £8.00     Large load £10.00

Dog shampoo and blow dry bathing service

We provide a dog shampoo bathing service for dogs staying with us, or if in between visits just book a daytime appointment to bring your dog in for a wash and brush-up.  Just drop them off between the hours of 10.00 – 10.30 and collect after 15.30 the same day.

Small dog  £15.85
Medium dog  £17.85
Large dog  £19.85
Ex Large dog  £22.85


Pet Taxi

If you are busy and need a hand we are pleased to offer our collection and delivery service, or just one way if that suits your needs.  We collect throughout Kent. If you are interested in booking a collection please calls us on 01233 750323 during opening hours and we will be pleased to help; Collection and delivery charges vary according to the distance and we will be able to advise on the cost when you make your enquiry. Collection and delivery times are made to suit you as much as possible please ask a member of staff and we will help take the strain out of your life.

Services for Dogs: Other Services:
Collect and return service Collect & Return, or Dog Chauffeur Service Pet Supplies
Professional grooming service Grooming Service (professional option, full bath & cut) Cattery (Cat Boarding)
Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy Small Animals Boarding
Webcam service Webcam Service Stables
Webcam service Send updates while you're away  

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Fees are per dog, per day (includes any tax)

Boarding Kennels Fees

for a Small Dog

for a Medium Dog

for a Large Dog

for a Giant Dog

Further Information

Please be aware that the prices stated are for our luxury kennels not the standard kennels.

Standard Kennel Prices

Small £13.62/p>

Medium £14.22

Large £15.42/p>

Extra Large £16.68

For two or more dogs sharing a kennel there is a 10% discount.

Cat boarding 1 cat £8.46 2 cats £12.00 3 cats £15.00 4 cats £18.00

All major credit and debit cards excepted.


A deposit of 50% is required to secure bookings in peak periods,which are non-refundable and non-transferable should you decide to cancel. 

Between the 1st October to 30th April a 66p heating charge per dog kennel per night will be added on to your final bill.

Map, Directions, and Driving Distance & Time

Wyncot Luxury Kennels & Cattery Boarding Kennels,
Hastingleigh, Ashford, Kent TN25 5HE


We are just 12 minutes from junction 10 of the M20 and 3 minutes from the A28

No Map & Satellite Picture yet


Bookings, Queries & Appointments

will be happy to discuss your queries about Wyncot Luxury Kennels & Cattery Boarding Kennels including bookings, availability, and making an appointment to visit.

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