Using ADAPTIL at Home and in Kennels

What is Adaptil/DAP?

DAP = Dog Appeasing Pheromone.

Adaptil is one of the simplest, quickest and easiest ways to calm & reassure dogs and puppies in stressful situations such as leaving the owner, finding a new home, being alone at home, travelling, and going to the vets & boarding kennels.

DAP synthetically mimics natural pheromones that female dogs provide for their puppies, giving them a sense of wellbeing & reassurance.

How does it help kennelled dogs?

It is such an easy way to provide extra care for dogs!

DAP contains an analogue of the natural canine appeasing pheromone which helps comfort puppies and adult dogs in situations they may find worrying, or which make them apprehensive.

Available as a spray, plug-in or collar - the choice depends on the dog's needs and which environment it's to be used in.


How do I check if a kennels uses DAP?

Look for this icon on the kennels' page on this website:

DAP Therapy: soothing/calming: DAP Therapy for soothing & calming

We use it with our own dogs and recommend it to all kennels and veterinary hospitals because it promotes the feeling of safety and reassurance for dogs via a simple spray or plug-in diffuser.

A caring and knowledgeable kennels or dog owner will use DAP. Just ask to see the spray or plug-in at the kennels to ensure they have it - or take your own of course!

DAP Spray

The spray can be taken with you and used both inside and outside the house.

It can be sprayed directly on:

  • bedding
  • inside cages
  • indoor kennels
  • in the car
  • in kennels
  • at the vets
  • in the house
  • moving house
  • adjusting to a new environment

It can complement the effect of the Diffuser where a more local application is required.



DAP Diffuser

This is just plug and play dog reassurance!

You can buy a starter kit, including a refill, or a pack of refills which will be far more cost-effective.

The plugin is completely odourless to humans, but a source of enormous comfort to dogs and puppies.

  • Easy to Use
  • Lasts approx. 4-6 weeks
    (mine last 6 weeks)
  • Active from 50 - 70 sq.m
  • If at home, use in the room most used by the dog.




DAP Collar

Combining the Collar with a Diffuser may provide optimal results for dogs showing indoor and outdoor fears, sensitive, dogs with special needs or vulnerable dogs and puppies.

  • It's easy to use, just fasten the collar around the dogs neck and adjust.

  • Cut off the excess portion of the collar. Leave the collar around the dogs neck at all times.

  • Effect lasts up to 4 weeks

I used both collar and plug-in combined for my nwly rescued ex-puppy farm dog. Given his extreme level of fear and anxiety, I wouldn't have been without it for the world; it helped him adjust incredibly well and there was a very noticeable difference as soon as the collar got working.

It works in such extreme cases - it really is a little miracle for dog owners who care for anxious or frightened dogs.

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