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How to Tell the Difference in Boarding Kennels Standards

We asked some dog owners using good kennels (who had used dreadful ones in the past) just WHY they previously left their dogs somewhere with such obviously low standards...

They said they sent their husbands to the kennels because they couldn't bear to see where their dog would be staying!

They felt they had to close their eyes to where their dog was staying so they didn't feel guilty while they were on holiday. On collecting ill and depressed dogs on their return, they vowed to look for good kennels next time around ... and this website made it easy for them.

Before looking at any kennels,
it will help you to learn about the difference in standards.

Even poor standard boarding kennels call themselves 'luxury' kennels just to get your business. That's why it's important you can recognise the good and true luxury kennels for yourself. So let's start...


What a difference!

These kennels are in the same county, licensed, and full of dogs boarding for up to 6 weeks:

boarding Kennels:

An elderly dog dozing in luxury boarding kennels. After having a stretch he comes over to say hello!

A bed from home on top of a raised canvas bed which is supporting the joints and higher to give a more interesting perspective and choice of levels. Another bed is in the corner on the underfloor heating and there is access to a large outside run for toileting and views/ wildlife to look at in comfort.

Old & poor
boarding kennels

An elderly dog miserable in squalid boarding kennels hoping to get attention from anyone.

A bed that's been chewed by many stressed and frustrated previous occupants with newspaper for bedding and strewn over the floor to try and soak up any 'mess'. The floor will soak it in anway (which is why it stinks) and there is no toileting area (run) to use or even look outside - it's just the 4 walls.

How to quickly compare these kennels:

  1. BIG: 6ft wide kennels (room for stretching)

  2. BRIGHT: lots of natural daylight (cheerful) and electric light

  3. FREEDOM: attached run (choices & views)

  4. FEWER KENNELS: quiet and calm

  5. WARM: in winter (luxury kennels will have underfloor heating or radiators)

  6. COOL: in summer (excellent roof insulation)

  1. SMALL: 3 1/2 ft wide kennels (cramped)

  2. DARK: very little daylight (depressing) and inadequate or no electric light

  3. CONFINED: no attached run (no choices or views)

  4. LOTS OF KENNELS: noisy and stressful

  5. COLD: in winter (inadequate or no heating)

  6. HOT: in summer (inadequate or no roof insulation)



Relaxed & Calm

All of these things and more make a relaxed and calm atmosphere for the dogs, created by having fewer kennels/dogs, a design that minimises stress, and hygienic, high standard, well maintained conditions.

The easy-clean conditions means kennel owners can spend much more time with your dog one-to-one!

Kennels like this deserve your business - the investment of time, money and careful research demonstrates just how deeply the kennel owner cares about dog welfare.



Stressful & Noisy:

These things alone make kennels stressful for dogs, unhygienic/smelly conditions, and no fresh air result in depression, illness & ultimately disease. Well-heeled dog owners with 4 x 4 vehicles left their dogs here!

Kennel owners are often too busy cleaning & dealing with the large numbers of dogs to provide any one-to-one care.

Poor standard kennels like this can only keep in business because of dog owners who choose kennels just because they're local or cheap.


Ready to play
(AGAIN !!!)

These happy 5 month old puppies are ready for another game and more attention from the kennel owner who they've bonded with!

Happy dogs will eat & play, stay well and have fun!

This kennel is 5-6ft wide and has an even bigger exercise area attached, bringing in more daylight, views of the wildlife & countryside.

Get me out of here (PLEASE!!!)

This frightened dog is desperate for some human attention and distraction from the cramped, depressing and noisy conditions.

Stressed dogs won't be able to eat or play, they get stomach upsets and become ill.

This kennel is just 2ft wide (each of the 4 tiles at the back measure 6" wide) with little light, nowhere to get away from the noise of other dogs, and no view.

Please take care with your decision on kennels. It WILL affect your dog's health welfare ENORMOUSLY.

Research and visit a shortlist of potential kennels. We'll help you do a tailor-made search!. It is essential to spend a little time and effort looking for the right kennels for your dog.

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