Look at kennel photos carefully
they tell you a great deal

Why You Should Just Look For Photos!

Helpful pointers about choosing boarding kennels Photos - What's the big deal?

You cannot tell whether a kennels is 'good' just by their name or how they describe themselves. Almost every kennels uses the word 'luxury' to attract customers!

So how do you tell the difference in kennels standards?

Well, the internet provides a great opportunity for every kennel owner to talk to dog owners about their kennels, and show photos and videos that demonstrate their quality.

In other words, photos are evidence of their standard:
photos prove it!


Photos & videos are clear indicators of the kennels standards...

Big, clear photos of kennels on websites/leaflets are still too rare. Not enough have high enough standards to want to show them off close up, small kennels are hard to photograph well, and some facilities may not even have websites or digital cameras.

Good, clear, close-up photos indicate that kennels are confident of their standards and proud of their services and accommodation. In other words, they can prove how good they are!

When you look at any kennels website (not just ours) take a good look at their photos - do they show you closeups or is everything distant or been given an 'artistic' (fuzzy!) appearance to try and make them look better or even disguise them?

What if there are NO photos or videos?

If you're still interested then you'll need to visit.

However, we strongly recommend you be extremely wary of any business that refuses to let you see their kennels for yourself.

ALWAYS visit kennels before booking your dog in to check for yourself - have no regrets!

It is essential to spend a little time and effort looking for the right kennels for your dog.

Research and visit a shortlist of potential kennels.
We'll help you do a tailor-made search including the ability to ONLY show you those who provide photos!

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