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Welcome to Haselor Hill Kennels
Lower Haselor House Lower Haselor, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 2FZ

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About Us

Boarding Kennels Location

Haselor Hill Kennels & Luxury Dog Hotel.

"...When only the best will do..!"

Centrally located in the West Midlands, nestled at the foot of both Bredon Hill and Haselor Hill in the South Worcestershire countryside, family-run Haselor Hill Kennels really is the luxury retreat for dogs where you individually tailor the care on offer; in order to meet your specific dog's needs and day-to-day requirements.

Created by Experts... Run by Professionals... Designed for Dogs!



Opening Hours & Visiting

Boarding Kennels Building

As well as offering a bespoke collection and delivery service for our Guests, your dog's accommodation is available from 10am on the day of arrival to late afternoon on collection day. Both days are charged for; unless we have been pre-booked to deliver your dog back home before 10am. This makes for unhurried check-in's and check-out's and also caters for late-arrivals: your pet's accommodation is pre-booked, guaranteed reserved

Before their arrival, our Guests are booked in with their individual requests, care needs and/or requirements registered and discussed, which includes any special dietary needs, medication regimes etc.

Guest-care really is paramount at the kennels, so please understand why we cannot accept ANY dog without their current, up-to-date vaccination card. To ensure the wellbeing of all our Guests, please ask your vet to include for the "Kennel Cough" vaccination BEFORE coming into the kennels.

Please telephone for more information ~ or to make a reservation  ~ or to simply request an appointment  to view the kennels or to tailor and discuss your own pet's individual requirements during their stay with us.

Staff & Knowledge

We have 3 full-time staff working in our kennels.

Our staff ratio is:      1 Staff : 2 Kennels

Boarding Kennels Staff/Owners

Haselor Hill Kennels Boarding Kennels in Worcestershire

About our staff, knowledge and experience:

Who are behind Haselor Hill Kennels..?

Firstly, all the staff have dogs of their own, except for one, who having moved out from the family home, is trying to persuade their folks to let them take two of the family's three or four dogs..! They haven't been successful thus far, so they'll have to make do with all of ours instead!

Secondly, besides having experience with and a love of dogs, all the staff and family helpers are under the watchful and eagle eye of owner and Kennel Manager, Susie Hughes.

Susie's parents ran a successful showing, breeding and training kennels for German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Dobermanns in the 1970's and set up successful breeding programmes for the West Mercia Police and prison services. They were also asked to supply Service Dogs for the RAF and for MOD security work and for display teams... so, since very young, has had hands-on experience of working around and with and then, later on, of running her own kennels.

Qualifying her dogs for Crufts and having her dogs work out in the field and competing in Field Trials and gundog working tests; providing assistance dogs for "Dogs For The Disabled" over in Oxford (a charity both the show kennels and boarding kennels fully support and fund-raise for) members of the PetBC and of the Boarding Kennels Association and as well as being a UK Kennel Club registered, accredited and Assured Breeder of show-ring and working-type Labrador Retrievers, under the HASELORHILL affix, and of enjoying some success in both spheres, new puppy owners kept asking if she would kennel their dogs for them when they went away on holiday or needed extra help... so the idea of a "specialist"and unique boarding kennel began to take shape.

She wanted to established a boarding kennel where the dog actually is at the very centre of everything and where levels of staff and care were second to none, and so Haselor Hill Kennels and its Dog Hotel came into being.



Our Kennels

We have 6 Kennels with Attached runs: Covered runs:

They were built in 2013 and are licensed for anything up to 12 dogs (maximum).

Less than 20 kennels per building
We're proudto say we have a maximum of 6 kennels in any one building
(The ideal is a maximum of 20 kennels in a building, as the less dogs, the calmer & quieter it is)

Less than 20 kennels per building
We're proud to say we have a maximum of 10 kennels in any section of any building.
(The ideal is a maximum of 10 kennels per section)

Boarding Kennels Sleep Accommodation

Boarding Kennels Exercise Run

With no more than 12 guests staying at any time, your dog is guaranteed high levels of personal care and attention.

  • Each guest room has its own bedroom area including a raised sleeping-platform where their bed from home (or our dog beds) can be placed.
  • Our smallest bedroom area is a generous 7ft 3" wide x 7ft deep.
  • One of our largest bedrooms "The Cheltenham" is 8ft 8" wide.
  • All rooms have their own, attached and part-covered outside run area.
  • The smallest outside run is >10ft long and one of the largest is c.16ft.
  • Sleeping areas all have underfloor heating areas that can be changed on a dog-by-dog basis and for personal preference.
  • Flame-effect stoves are included in each room for dogs to choose to doze in front of (on rugs from home) or on one of our cozy, warm fleeces or dog beds and memory foam dog matresses.
  • A day-bed is included within outside runs so guests can relax out in the sunshine and fresh air if and when they choose to.
  • Every room includes at least two windows; for a light, airy feeling and for the additional ventilation and feeling of not being "locked in" and left.
  • The kennels has its own internal WebCam and inside and outside CCTV for the additional care and 24hr security of all of our guests.

Each of the rooms are named after stately homes, houses and castles and have been personalised with comfort items to help add to our Guests' feelings of staying in a comfortable, light, bright and airy "home"... light years apart from small, just "tick-in-a-box" sized pens and the "mesh-encased prisons" of yesterday's kennels.


About our Kennels

Originally part of a large, pre-Victorian dairy and stables block, the lovely building is warm in winter and wonderfully cool in summer... and so made for a wonderful buildings project..

All heated as standard; light; bright and airy... each spacious room contains a bespoke raised platform-bed and also an additional stove, with its flickering flame-effect logs/coals for Guests to doze in front of... on comfortable rugs that we provide... or on rugs or blankets from home; for some real "home touches" and comfort items Guests appreciate..

Each room has been individually customised and then named after a local castle, stately home or palace with some additonal finishing touches and pictures to help make our Guests feel they are in a home environment.

Full-height doors lead into the bedrooms and also from the rooms into their attached, exclusive, 3/4 covered runs. The runs include day-beds and toys but we also decided not to fully enclose the runs; in order to best provide protection from the elements but to still afford a sense of not being totally "closed in" or enclosed... Seeing the sun; the sky; clouds sailing by or simply watching the birds provides a sense of "outside" and fresh air that being inside a closed and locked room can never provide...

All the runs overlook the main courtyard... which is also part of a busy family home... so they get to see the comings and goings of the family and also staff... but we get to keep an even closer eye on them too... so a real "win-win"..!


                                                                  ~  o 0 o  ~

Dog Exercise & Play:

Dogs get out of their Kennels for exercise:

Dogs are taken out of KennelsWe're proud to say dogs DO get out of their kennels here.
We know how important it is (mentally and physically) for dogs to play, sniff, run around and stretch their legs.
In other words, for dogs to be dogs!

About dog exercise with our Boarding Kennels:

Exercise & Play in Boarding Kennels

With the weather in the UK being as unsettled and unpredictable as we all know it can be we designed both inside and outside and open and enclosed exercise areas.

We have safe, enclosed paddocks for the dogs to exercise and play in, off-lead with kennel staff, or for when shorter exercise periods are required (ie age, health and ability dependant.)

For the younger, fitter "exercise-junkies" among our guests we also have our own Agility paddock (including multiple jumps; tunnels, weaving poles et al) and also have a mini gun-dog grounds (no lake, or deeper water at the moment, latest talk is for construction to start/proposed early in 2016).

We also have longer, on-lead walks (all included) which the dogs love, out in our fields adjoining the kennels, where they enjoy longer rambles and, if requested, they can also have "canine-accompanied" walks. These have proved beneficial for nervous, or for older dogs who simply enjoy having a steady and gentle canine companion to accompany them on their walks. We have a few "soft, safe & gentle" Labrador oldies back at the house we can borrow... who love to be asked to accompany some of our guests on their explorations around the fields... Just ask staff when booking your dog in... and yes... the oldies "tum-trimming" walks means that they get to enjoy a few extra treats and biscuits when they get back to the house. A real win-win!

When out on the longer field walks, our Guests are dressed in trace & tracker-harnesses,  as well as wearing their own collars and leads, we take security and safety very seriously,  and paramount when caring for dogs when they away from their usual and familiar haunts and surroundings.

We also have canine exercising running machines (as used by vets and canine therapists)  especailly after injury, illness or for when recouperating. So, in conjunction with your own vet, we can tailor and create individual exercise programmes for your dog. This facility has proved popular with some of our older guests, and for those who, after a little too much previous "fine-dining", are a little... (s'cuse for saying) ...overweight..?!

If of interest, please speak with kennel staff at the time of booking to discuss your individual requirements and to find out about the various exercise programmes (post illness etc) on offer as these will need to be agreed and confirmed with your own vet prior to starting courses at the hotel.


Dog Walks/Exercise/Playtime with Staff:

Dogs exercised by staff:

90 minutes of walks/exercise with staff provided daily

Less than 20 kennels per buildingWe're proud to say we offer walks/ exercise/ playtime WITH staff.
We know how important it is for dogs to have our company one-to-one.
It's much more fun!

About dog walks/playtime with staff

Dog Walks at the Boarding Kennels

As well as walks on-lead in the gardens and the fields around the kennels, we also have off-lead play areas and exercise areas. The dogs are never just turfed out their kennel or run and expected to "go amuse" themselves. A bored dog is an unhappy dog, and that's not we are about.

Our guests expect personal care and 1:1 attention so that's what they get!

  • We have enclosed 60m x 40m play arenas. Agility Paddocks; enclosed gardens and gated 50ft x 45ft "play pen" areas for our smaller guests...
  • As mentioned, we have our own Canine Agility Course and agility jumps and equipment at the kennels; for dogs who are able, up to it and want to do more during their exercise times.
  • For our older guests (or those who simply prefer a quieter "amble" around the grounds) as well as >8 acres of paddocks, we have over >3 acres of lawns and formal gardens for our guests to enjoy, or they can utilise our purpose-built dog-exercising and running machines which help to take the stress and impact out of exercising (they use similar machines at Vets for dogs recovering post-surgery/illness in order to gently build up the dog's muscles and tone again).

We have various exercise programmes for younger; older or recovering dogs. Please ask about your individual requirements at the time of booking as therapy courses do have to be discussed and confirmed with your own vet; prior to commencing them at the Hotel.

Dog Care

Welfare & Settling In

Comfort items from home allowed:

DAP Therapy used: DAP Therapy (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) used in Kennels

Comfort items We're proud to say we DO allow & encourage comfort items for dogs. We understand how important it is to help your dog relax and feel settled quickly, more at home with us. This is such an easy way to comfort your dog. After all, we all love our home comforts don't we?!

DAP Therapy (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) used in KennelsWe're proud to say we DO offer D.A.P therapy here to calm and reassure dogs. We believe in doing as much as possible to help your dogs have a happy stay with us, especially when such great, positive benefits to dog welfare can be provided so easily and simply.

Our policy on comfort items:

Dog Welfare in Boarding Kennels

We want our Guests to feel at home as much as possible and as their rooms are spacious, there's space for home items and personalisation, so we welcome personal items from home such as dog beds; blankets and rugs, toys etc, to make them feel more at home and comfortable when they are staying in new, unfamiliar surroundings. Familiar "home"  items around them really does give comfort to some dogs.

  • If you want to provide your own dog food and meals you can do so. We do not charge any extra for storing or preparing or providing these for your dog. Many dogs don't like their diet to be changed and can get upset tums when they are away from home, so a familiar home-diet also helps them to settle into new and different environments more easily.
  • We have safe chews and treats that are discussed with you before being given. We appreciate not every owner encourages treats, unless perhaps they are being used as a training reward.
  • We have doggy "brain training" activies and games for the dogs, so if your dog has a particular treat they enjoy, please let us know. We can use these as the reward/treat in the puzzle-boxes and games that we play with the dogs in quieter times ie in their rooms at the end of their day, when settling them down for the night.
  • We also have "Recorder Dogs" at the kennels -- it's like a toy dog or teddy which records an owners' voice -- which we can use for praise and training purposes. You would smile when you see the surprise and real pleasure on the dogs faces when a VERY familiar voice suddenly tells them that they have been a "VERY good Girly" or that they are a "Good boy" after they complete dog-puzzles or games..! Lots of happy tail wags hearing a comforting voice from home all designed to help make them feel safe and "familiar" in new unfamiliar surroundings.


Will you feed the same diet as at home:

Comfort items We're proud to say we DO offer to feed your dog the same diet as at home.
We understand how important it is to help your dog settle in quickly and easily without any digestive problems that would be caused with a change of diet.


Will you feed special/prescription diets:

Will feed natural/organic diets:

Caring for Dogs

Care of Easy-going & Steady Dogs

Easy and "steady going" dogs can also get anxious when in a new place, or can even become stressed when first away from familar "faces and places" so we use years of solid expertise and experience in taking care of other people's beloved pets -- tall, small and all those in between -- in order to help our Guests settle in more quickly and comfortably...

We made our accommodation and facilities as far removed from the old fashioned "box and prison-like kennels" as possible... but always kept in mind their safety, security and our Guests needs are all different and do differ sometimes to what others may think they like..!

"Designed by Experts"..... isn't a lightly made statement either... We so impressed Stable and Kennel Manufactuer "Lodden" with the "Blueprint" for our facilities that they decided to produce and build whole new product lines utilising elements learnt and taken from our Haselor Hill Dog Hotel...

Imitation accepted as a very sincere compliment too...!


                                                            ~  o  0  o  ~


Care of Active Dogs


Where to start...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Obviously walks... (lots-N-lots...!)
  • Field walks (on-lead) for longer walks...
  • Dog Agility Paddock for our private Guests to enjoy
  • 8ft high x 45 feet wide play-pens for very secure off-lead play
  • Playtimes in the other, secure garden areas (off-lead too..!)
  • Utilising Gundog training areas (including their ditches... and jumps..!)
  • Borrowing the Gundog equipment too (ie "dummy" thowers and launchers)
  • Splash-pools + paddling pools for when the weather is hot
  • Ball-pools for some crazy fun
  • Treat Balls; for adding an edge to some of the ball games played
  • Dog Running machines (useful for when it's really 'orrible outside)
  • Brain-Training Games/Puzzles designed to challenge and engage even our smallest and liveliest Guests..!

Care of Daycare/creche Dogs

As long as there is spare capacity within the kennels, we can also organise day-care services for our clients/regulars on top of offering and providing overnight stays...

Please phone the kennels to discuss your requirements in more detail...

Dogs with Special Needs

Separate, quiet section available:

About our care of special needs dogs:

Dog Welfare in Boarding Kennels
  • DAP has been proven to help the nervous/anxious Guest to be less stressed.
  • Music is played quietly as a "white noise" as it has proved to be soothing.
  • Staff are positive and behave in a calm, confident manner around our Guests.
  • We cater for both the young and the old.
  • We have a part-time, trained vet nurse to help us dispense medicines etc.

Age considerations:


Senior Dogs

Elderly Dogs

We care for dogs with:

Allergies/ Allergenic

  Digestive Problems

Arthritis/ Arthritic



  Heart Disease

Convulsions/ Seizures/ Epilepsy

  Kidney Disease


  Nervous/ Sensitive/ Separation anxiety


  Skin Problems


                                                 Collection & Delivery

We offfer our Guests a door-to-door collection and delivery service for the convenience of the owners and for the comfort of their pets. Being collected and delivered to and from home is far less stressful and also helps to overcome the anxieties that many pets feel when being left behind when their owners drive away and leave them behind..!

Being collected in a different car to usual... and being collected by a "dog-friendly" and experienced driver means... they are off on an adventure..!

                                                      Home Comforts

As mentioned previously, we encourage items to be brought from home and, as the accommodation is spacious, dog beds from home and favourite toys et al all help to make our Guests really feel at home. Also we work with the owners to ensure we know our Guests daily routines; favourtite treats and fun things they like to do...

                             McTimoney Chiropractic Therapy & Canine Massage

Please speak to the staff about our various visiting therpaists who can attend some of our Guests upon request. The McTiimoney chirotractic therapy offered, especially to infirm or older pets, has been a very welcome additional service that the Dog Hotel now offers our Guests. We also hold weekly McTimoney clinics at the kennels; for local owners to continue sessions started while their dog boards within the kennels.

Owners of older dogs, those recovering from illness or injuries, or owners of competition/working dogs have found this therapy to be most beneficial, especially if their pet has:-
     ~ pain or stiffness after exercise;
     ~ if they have difficulty climbing stairs or getting into cars;
     ~ reluctance to go for walks, or for exercise;
     ~ crying when getting up;
     ~ arthritic discomfort and pain;
     ~ signs of pain, or discomfort, while being stroked etc

Therapy Sessions cover three main areas:-
     (1) Crisis therapy - following on from injury/illness etc
     (2) Wellness therapy - to maintain and sustain
     (3) Performance therapy - working, competition animals.

Providing effective, evidenced-based treatment for a range of musculoskeletal problems. Therapy is combined with massage, mobilisation and stretching to alleviate musculoskeletal problems.

Therapy sessions can start off at Haselor Hill Kennels and local owners can bring pets back to attend weekly treatment clinics for top-ups if/when required. Guests can also carry on treatments with McTimoney therapists closer to their own homes.

For more information, to book sessions while boarding, or for updates on the weekly clinics, please contact Kennel Manager Susie Hughes on 01386 861030.


                                                    Wash & Brush-Up

Adjoining the main buildings, we have dedicated shower, bath and bathing facilities for our Guests. A daily "spruce up" and tidy is included within their daily care regime and... if "...we make 'em muddy... we clean 'em up..!" Field rambles in the rain can do that to our Guests sometimes..!

Daily grooming/brushing also means "hands-on" care and is one of the best ways to help ensure our Guests keep fit and healthy too. You quickly get to see and check all's well, and it's another interaction to reassure pets that they are safe, well and have not been left or abandoned by us, their human-carers and companions... and that sits well with them too!

Grooming Services :  However, we also don't pretend to be professional Dog Groomers, which is a specialised and very precise skill. We know and work with several experienced, fully insured and very good local Dog Groomers who are more than happy to come to us and work within our grooming facilities at the kennels. (We have grooming tables and bathing facilities second-to-none..!)

If you would like your dog's coat professionally looked-after while you are away, or just before your return... please ask the staff when you book and they will be happy to discuss and detail your requirements.


Services for Dogs: Other Services:
Collect and return service Collect & Return, or Dog Chauffeur Service Pet Supplies
Professional grooming service Grooming Service (professional option, full bath & cut) Cattery (Cat Boarding)
Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy Small Animals Boarding
Webcam service Webcam Service Stables
Webcam service Send updates while you're away  

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Latest News

13th Jul 2015

>>> New Services: Haselor Hill Kennels now offers "McTimoney" therapy for Guests..!

>>> New Services:

Haselor Hill Kennels now offers "McTimoney" therapy for Guests..!
****************************** **************************
McTimoney -- Chiropractic Therapy for Canines...
Owners of older dogs; those recovering from illness or injuries; or owners of competition/working dogs have found this therapy to be most beneficial... especially if their pet has:-...
     ~ pain or stiffness after exercise; 
     ~ if they have difficulty climbing stairs or getting into cars; 
     ~ reluctance to go for walks, or for exercise; 
     ~ crying when getting up; 
     ~ arthritic discomfort and pain
     ~ signs of pain, or discomfort, while being stroked et al...

Therapy Sessions cover three main areas:-
     (1) Crisis therapy ¬ following on from injury/illness etc
     (2) Wellness therapy ¬ to maintain and sustain
     (3) Performance therapy ¬ working, competition animals.

Providing effective, evidenced-based treatment for a range of musculoskeletal problems. Therapy is combined with massage, mobilisation and stretching to alleviate musculoskeletal problems.

Therapy sessions can start off at Haselor Hill Kennels and local owners can bring pets back to attend weekly treatment clinics for top-ups if/when required... Guests can also carry on treatments with McTimoney therapists closer to their own homes.

For more information -- to book sessions while boarding -- or for updates on the weekly clinics, please contact Kennel Manager Susie Hughes on 01386 861030.

1st May 2015

New Grooming Parlour & Washroom At The Dog Hotel

For the additional comfort of their canine Guests, Haselor Hill Dog Hotel and luxury Boarding Kennels has refurbished and added new washroom and grooming facilities to the main kennel buidings.

                 NO MORE DIRTY DOGS..!

When the bad weather hits -- and this is England remember! -- wet, muddy and dirty dogs now have a bespoke washing and grooming facility including dog baths and showers.

When requested, clipping and professional grooming services are also being offered to their Guests by 3rd Party experienced and insured Groomers who are welcome to also use the top class facilities on offer at Haselor Hill Kennels...

April 2015

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Customer Testimonials


Fees are per dog, per day (includes any tax)

Boarding Kennels Fees

30.00 for a Small Dog

30.00 for a Medium Dog

30.00 for a Large Dog

30.00 for a Giant Dog

Further Information

Why over complicate something that really should be very simple...?

The standard for luxury kennels and/or Dog Hotels should mean the levels of service and accommodation on offer SHOULD be high... and many light years above and beyond the olden days "boarding kennel norm" of mesh panels and cramped "dog-prisons".

Customers shouldn't be charged for hosts of "extras" either. Our dogs share our lives with us and live in our comfortable, heated houses.... why should you then be asked if you would like to pay extra to turn on the heating? extra just to make your dog warm and comfortable..?

Charges should be transparent... and anything "extra" should be for just that, extra for training, or individual special requests; or for therapies above and beyond the extremely comprehensive ~ and inclusive ~ service already on offer... and that we happily offer as OUR "standard"!

When booking your companion into boarding kennels; when next planning your trip away, please don't just ask what's included... ask what isn't!


  • The daily inclusive room charge is £30.00 per dog.
  • 2nd family-dog sharing a room is £20.00 ie for 2 dogs sharing it's £50.00.
  • There is no charge for preparing or giving owner-provided diets, treats or foodstuffs or for dispensing medicines.
  • Collection/Delivery Service : £1.50/mile with a £15.00 minimum charge.
  • Christmas Day; Boxing Day; New Year's Day (or, if falling on a weekend, their Bank Holiday equivalent) rates are x 2 just for those holidays, but other Bank Holidays/National Holidays are at standard rate.


  • 50% with Booking: this secures/confirms your accommodation request/s.
  • Additional requests, or 3rd party services (ie professional grooming and/or balances and/or additional therapy sessions) are billed either on arrival or departure, but are always agreed for up-front and confirmed in writing ~ so there are no surprises or hidden costs ~ we try to make fees as seamless as we possibly can.


  • Professional Groomer's additional services are invoiced as separate.
  • Therapy sessions are quoted for up-front and payment agreed separately.
  • Obedience training, or refreshers, are quoted prior to commencement.
  • Novice/intermediate Gundog training, 1:1s and Groups quoted separate.
  • Show ring-craft sessions and Judging Critiques as separate.
  • Training-aids, beds, blankets towels, leads/collars, toys etc and/or additional consumable items are billed for at either arrival or departure.


  • We do not encourage tipping for kennel staff... all our Guests get to enjoy the same levels of high service as standard. However, we do have a charity collection box in the office -- for the kennel-supported, official charity "Dogs for the Disabled" in Oxford -- so we may just nod towards the charity's official collection tin if tips are mentioned or are on offer..!
  • The photograph on this page shows "Digger"; just one of the dogs the kennels has donated to Dogs for The Disabled charity. The other dogs are "Breeze"and "Cally" and annother HaselorHill dog "Gunner" has passed both his Dogs forThe Disabled assessments and the Guide Dogs for the Blind further accreditation too..!
  • For more information/details on the "Dogs for the Disabled" (renamed recently as "Dogs For Good" charity please see their web pages at: www.dogsforgood.org


  • We discuss treats and/or food/rewards before Guest's arrival. However, if there is a particular favourite treat of theirs please let us know.  
  • Daily fillet steak requests are happily met, but some staff joking "Have you brought enough for ALL of us..?" has resulted in us running out of English mustard... and steak knives!!!  :-)

Map, Directions, and Driving Distance & Time

Haselor Hill Kennels Boarding Kennels,
Lower Haselor House Lower Haselor, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 2FZ

Helpful pointer Click for map, directions and driving distance/time from you


Loated at the foot of both Bredon Hill and Haselor Hill in the beautiful South Worcestershire countryside. We are centrally located and is very accessible, most SatNav's can easily find us.

  • Birmingham International Airport and train station is under an hour away from us (c.50 minutes) so Guests can easily be dropped off at the kennels, en route to and from the airport, if you so choose. 
  • We have a collection/delivery service so please enquire for more details.
  • The town of Evesham is 3 miles to the East.
  • Pershore town centre is less than 4 miles to the West.
  • We are located just off the B4084.
  • Click on the MAP on this page or enter our postcode WR11 2FZ into GoogleMaps to check on directions and it quickly shows the distance/time from you to the kennels.

We are located at the end of a privately-owned drive, so we are not seen from StreetMap or easily seen from the main road. Drive to the end of the driveway and lane and there is a large car park at the end of the driveway for our Guests and their people.



Bookings, Queries & Appointments

Kennel Manager: Susie will be happy to discuss your queries about Haselor Hill Kennels Boarding Kennels including bookings, availability, and making an appointment to visit.

Visit our Facebook page

Visit our website:


phonePhone Susie Hughes
on 01386 861030

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