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Boarding Kennels Renfrew

You can customise our Advanced Kennels Search to match your dog's exact needs and requirements for boarding kennels in Renfrew
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A random selection of kennels with photos in other counties:
Hayfields Luxury Dog Hotel in Warwickshire

Hayfields Luxury Dog Hotel in Warwickshire, UK

Top Dog Luxury Boarding in East Riding Of Yorkshire

Top Dog Luxury Boarding in East Riding Of Yorkshire, UK

Quintessential Quarters in Staffordshire

Quintessential Quarters in Staffordshire, UK

Animal Country Club in Essex

Animal Country Club in Essex, UK

Good Companions in New Brunswick

Good Companions in New Brunswick, Canada

Flatt Farm in Cumbria

Flatt Farm in Cumbria, UK

Westlodge in Cambridgeshire

Westlodge in Cambridgeshire, UK

Haselor Hill Kennels in Worcestershire

Haselor Hill Kennels in Worcestershire, UK

Myreside in East Lothian

Myreside in East Lothian, UK

Tarbay Centre in Berkshire

Tarbay Centre in Berkshire, UK

Hurworth Burn Luxury Pet Hotel in Durham

Hurworth Burn Luxury Pet Hotel in Durham, UK

Ridge Hill in Cheshire

Ridge Hill in Cheshire, UK

Elmtree Canine Country Club in Hertfordshire

Elmtree Canine Country Club in Hertfordshire, UK

Epic Blue Acres in New York

Epic Blue Acres in New York, USA

The Pet Lodge in Ayrshire

The Pet Lodge in Ayrshire, UK

Bewdley Boarding Kennels in Worcestershire

Bewdley Boarding Kennels in Worcestershire, UK

The Rhyddings in West Yorkshire

The Rhyddings in West Yorkshire, UK

Cawdor in Dyfed

Cawdor in Dyfed, UK

A & B Dogs in Worcestershire

A & B Dogs in Worcestershire, UK

Canine Paradise in Hertfordshire

Canine Paradise in Hertfordshire, UK

Kennels with photos provide regularly updated and full descriptions of their accommodation, care and services for dogs, as well as guest galleries, videos, social media and their latest news and customer testimonials.

Big, clear photos prove the standard they offer. This is important because the more information you have, the easier it is to choose the best kennels for your dog's needs and welfare.

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These kennels may also be of interest:

The Pet Lodge Boarding Kennels in Newmilns, Nr Kilmarnock Ayrshire

Boarding Kennels
3 Kennels    25 Testimonials

Boarding Kennels in:

The Pet Lodge
Westlodge Lanfine Estate
Newmilns, Nr Kilmarnock
Ayrshire KA16 9JP
Phone: Julia Ashton on 07857027479

Dogs are taken out of boarding kennels (essential for health, wellbeing, stress reduction, play, exercise & mental stimulation) Dogs get exercised by staff Less than 20 kennels per building Less than 10 kennels per building section Feeds same diet as home Comfort items from home
DAP Therapy (to calm, reassure & help settle)    
926 pagehits in 2017
1427 pagehits in 2016
4158 pagehits in 2015

Other Boarding Kennels in Renfrew (no photos)

Listed by: Town, then Business Name:

236 pagehits in 2017
378 pagehits in 2016
530 pagehits in 2015
  Boarding Kennels in Johnstone
Skiff Cottage, Howwood, Johnstone, Renfrew PA9 1AG
01505 704771

149 pagehits in 2017
466 pagehits in 2016
365 pagehits in 2015
  Boarding Kennels in Port Glasgow
Happy Hound Hotel
The Coachhouse, Parkhill Farrm, Port Glasgow, Renfrew PA14 6TE

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